Final Fantasy 13 is the first major final fantasy release for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The first thing you’ll notice when you play this game is the stunning sound and graphics display. One very important thing to notice when looking at the display is the mouth to sound ratio. Most games will not connect the players voice patterns with the movement of the mouth to the character, Square Enix should be commended for this feat as it is very hard to do. As far as the game play go it is definitely not a pick up and play type game Square Enix knows this and for most battles if there is something new to be told there will be a brief tutorial, this tutorial is hands on. Along with the battle sequences this game is very limited when it comes to exploring. Unlike most final fantasy titles, there are very few towns to explore in very few mini games to play. There are six different roles that you can play in the game the two main roles being of the characters Lightning and Snow.
You will also use the remaining characters throughout the game but the story does not mainly revolve around them although they do have their own short side stories to be told. The game does lack creativity, like I said before it is very linear and there aren’t that many areas of the game explore you will also find yourself fighting the same enemies for a lengthy amount of time and boss battles can get a little hectic but if you do die you do not go back to your save point instead you are sent to a checkpoint provided by the game right before the battle. Some would consider this to be a bad thing but if you are very new to the final fantasy franchise this will be a big help for you. All in all this game does provide a good amount of fun for new users of final fantasy but if you are a veteran to the final fantasy franchise you’ll notice the lack of the potential that this game could have had. As far as replay value I would rate this moderate to low because once you are done with this game you won’t be able to find a reason to want to play the game again because there isn’t much else you can do with it.