Gearing up is quite easier in Diablo 2: Resurrected than in the modern ARPGs. But at the same time, it is also complicated in regards to discussing the finer points.

You basically gear up by playing the game, and there are no actual Auction Houses or Microtransactions introduced here. You have to kill monsters to obtain gears in the form of drops, and sometimes it can even be an upgrade that you can hold on to. It’s a simple concept.

However, when you’re at a certain level of gear, you can boost the difficulty of the game up to a notch. For instance, let’s say that you have completed the entire game at the Normal difficulty level and gathered various equipment during your excursion; the default expectation of the game is for you to start playing it on Nightmare difficulty, and once that’s cleared, you move onto Hell difficulty.

Beyond the simple progressions in diablo 2 resurrected gear, there are various details nuances that you must consider. You might want to look into Normal difficulty mode farming before switching the level to Nightmare. There is also Magic Finds, a gear statistic to increase the drop rate with respect to various magical items in the Diablo 2 platform.

This then brings us back to the main focus of the article – How and when to gear up in Diablo 2: Resurrections.

Magic Find: Your Potentially Fatal Friend

As a beginner, start building a Magic Find set as soon as possible but don’t equip it yet. It’s better to wait until you have at least completed the entire game on Normal difficulty mode, and that’s because you obtain better gear as the difficulty level rises, and harder mobs and bosses are encountered.
It’s worth noting that Magic Find gear trades away the statistics, such as Offensive Power and Various Resistances for the ability to increase better quality drops and how much of the gears are green. At 100% Magic Find, you can double your chances of obtaining gear that’s of the Magical category. Yes, there are returns and tiers that every NPC or Mob adheres to, and achieving up to 500% Magic Find is also possible to increase the chances of Magical drops. Envision that a mod drops a Magical item every 1/100 kills. With 100% Magic Find, the potential increases up to 2/100, and if you’re at 500% MF, then the drop rate would increase to 5/100, for the best mf gear diablo 2, otherwise known as diablo 2 resurrected gear.

Keep in mind that Magic Finds have a concept of giving and take, where it gives you a better drop rate with respect to quality items but takes away your statistics that are required to survive in higher difficulty levels, for the best mf gear diablo 2 (like diablo 2 magic find gear). Farming Nightmare difficulty mode for loot might be comfortable for you, but when you switch to Hell difficulty, your Magic Find set may end up being destroyed, for diablo 2 magic find gear.

Tips For Getting Geared Up

Start by completing both Normal and Nightmare difficulty modes as soon as possible to begin farming bosses on those levels. Once you successfully complete Normal mode, it will unlock Nightmare mode, which then allows you to farm bosses such as Diablo, Baal, or Mephisto on the Normal mode for better gear to survive the further levels.

Farming NPCs means killing them over and over again until the desired item is dropped. You can do that by starting a new game and heading to the waypoint that is closest to the boss, followed by approaching and killing it. Once that’s done, you can restart the process by beginning a new game, and that is if you didn’t get the item you wanted.

Pick up a gear with Magic Finds, especially when you are progressing and obtaining better quality items or gears. It’s vital to build a Magic Find set in Normal difficulty mode, and a good suggestion would be to run the Act 1 farming on mini-bosses such as the ‘Countess,’ who is popular for dropping runes.

There are specific areas that you may want to approach farm runs on regularly. For instance, Act 2 comprises of the Tombs, Act 3 contains lower Kurast, as well as the Council, Diablo, and Mephisto for the latter part, and also before beginning to farm Baal. These NPCs will likely be farmed by you before heading out to experience the despair that Hell difficulty has to offer, as Normal mode doesn’t have lower chances of obtaining your preferred gear.

Another reason to complete Normal and Nightmare modes as quickly as possible is that you have to complete a difficulty level before heading to the Secret Cow Level on that very mode. It’s a solid area to farm runes and amazing drops, but don’t kill the Cow King if you’re looking to farm the Secret Cow Level.


So that’s basically it, and it’s all the information that you’ll need to know ‘How to gear up in Diablo 2: Resurrection.’ Lastly, kill, don’t die, and equip gear with enhanced Magic Find to survive while farming.