Depths of Despair is a really short quest that is a follow up of the Client of Kourend quest. The quest was initially announced in the end months of 2017 and has a current content poll number of 57 on Old School RuneScape. Since it’s quite short, let’s not make the introduction too long and get right to it.


To begin the depths of despair osrs quest, you must first complete the Client of Kourend and X Marks the Spot quests, along with gaining 20% Hosidius Favour. Other than that, you need at least 18 Agility and the ability to defeat a Sand Snake (Level 36). The items that I’m about to mention are not required for the quest, but it makes the journey easier: Skills Necklace (Easy Woodcutting Guild Teleport), Xeric’s Talisman, Super Energy or Stamina Potions, Weapon, Food, Arceuus Library Teleport, and Dramen or Lunar Staff to use the Fairy Ring teleport to reach Arceuus.


To start the depths of despair osrs quest, you must first speak to Lord Kandur Hosidius, who is located in the house that is northwest of the Vinery. You can use the second option on the Xeric’s Talisman teleport to reach close by. He will tell you that his son has gone missing and he is in need of desperate help in locating him. Quickly go through the conversation by selecting options 2 and 1.

He will ask you to speak to his family and house servants. So, make your way to Chef Olivia in the kitchen and speak to her. She will bring it to your notice that she and Artur (the lord’s son) were lovers, and that he informed her that he’s going in search of the Accord of Twill’s original copy. She’ll also tell you that he has been spending an awful lot of time in the Arceuus Library, searching for it.

Now, you have to visit a librarian named Galana who might be able to help you further. So, go to the Arceuus Library using the nearby Fairy Ring (only if you have paid Trossa to restore the ring). You can find Galana in the north-eastern segment on the ground floor. She will ask you to find a book called Varlamore Envoy, which is randomly located for every player, so keep searching bookcases until you find it.

Once the book has been found, read it to know that the original copy has been lost at sea, and the ship has sunk into the caves of Crabclaw. The entrance of this cave is located south of the Woodcutting Guild, which can be identified by the red exclamation mark. You can easily reach the guild and walk from there using a Skill Necklace, or you can row a boat to Land’s End.
After reaching the entrance, take the eastern path until you see a crevice, and then go through it while switching your direction towards the south. Keep following the path ahead and cross over the stepping stones, as well as the rock. At the very end of the cave, you will find a tunnel, climb down it to find Artur Hosidius and speak to him. He will tell you that he believes there’s a chest further ahead that contains the original copy of the Accord of Twill. However, the area is guarded by an osrs Sand Snake.

Since he’s not that good with fighting, you will have to take the stand and go instead of him. So, climb the rocks ahead, kill the osrs Sand Snake, which is quite weak to magic (if you want to quickly defeat it), and search the chest to obtain the original Royal Accord of Twill. Finally, to complete the quest, head back to the Lord Kandur and speak to him.