While both WOW and Guild Wars are great MMORPGs, Guild Wars has a distinct leg up. To join the GW community, all you need to do is buy the game, sign up, install the software, and then play. There are no monthly fees or subscription costs so you don’t feel rushed, letting you use your time as you see fit, without having to worry about your (or your mom’s) credit card being charged.The expansions work in the same way, you can upgrade your game with a one-time purchase. The idea of an MMORPG with no monthly fee and a price similiar to offline games is incredible, if not downright genuis; mainly because the life of Guild Wars is considerably longer than other games due to its online community and constant expansions.
I believe the graphics to be far superior to WOW as well, mainly because Warcraft goes for the colorful, fairytale look while GW creates a more scenic landscape, characters that look more human, and architectural details that reflect various cultures from around the world.Unlike other MMORPs, Guild Wars doesn’t have everyone thrown together on one server or another, where people are dueling and stealing each other’s kills. GW uses towns, cities, and outposts as the common area for people to get together and develop parties and trade items. As soon as you step outside those areas only those in your party can be seen, you don’t have random players running around during the missions.

Guild Wars is about as free-roaming as other MMORPGs, though you can’t just wander from land to land in search of quests; there is somewhat of a linear element to the story that you have to follow in order to progress through the game. You can travel back to places you’ve already been, but stepping outside the area will start a mission that you already completed, so there isn’t much point to backtrack, unless you want to help out some lower level friends.

The skills and abilities in Guild Wars are pretty standard and depend on your class; you have the option to dual class, which opens up skills to your character from that class. For example, I have a warrior with a monk secondary class, so while my main focus is offense and attacking, I have a few healing spells from the monk side that help out in case a fight gets out of hand.

Guild Wars tops other MMORPGs on so many levels, mainly because of price; you get the great quality, graphics, and playability that normally comes with a monthly subscription. If you havent played Guild Wars yet, get it now and pick up the two expansions while you’re at it and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.